Phot of Alphx founders Garrett Swann and Tom Speight alphx.com.
Alphx Founders: Garrett Swann and Tom Speight

We are Tom (Former CEO/President of major retail brands: 2(X)IST and Calvin Klein Underwear North America) and Garrett (Social and ahem…” seasoned” media influencer), two friends who met for a coffee, a catch-up, and some lively conversation one night. Within twenty-four hours, we called each other with the same idea and decided to see if there was an opportunity to create something authentic and currently missing in the marketplace. Disrupters, if you will, in a men’s market woefully underserved.
Men’s underwear has become entirely predictable and, let’s face it, underwhelming. The Iconic brands that dominate the market sacrifice quality to sell more units at lower retails. In contrast, many newer brands provide over-priced solutions to made-up problems. And retailers continue to narrow their assortment, focusing inventory on sizes medium to large or 32 inches to 38 inches, making it difficult for men on either end of the spectrum to find underwear that fits. As a result, consumers are left with underwear that falls apart after several washes, “technology” that does nothing to improve performance, or worse, they simply cannot find the size they are looking for. With the average waist circumference of American men measuring 40 inches, ALPHX offers an alternative for millions of frustrated men.
We champion comfort, body positivity, and well-being inside and out, believing that all men deserve gimmick-free, comfortable, and well-fitting underwear regardless of their size. Our mission? Making men feel comfortable in their own skin and feel better about themselves. ALPHX brings a refreshing and much-needed take on men’s underwear, including extended sizing and multiple leg fit options: an industry first. This innovation allows men to choose between our slimmer MDRN (modern) fit and our roomier ATHLTC (athletic) fit in our boxer briefs and trunks. As a result, men with larger thighs and smaller waists, smaller thighs and larger waists, and those in-between can finally be comfortable in their underwear.
We believe comfort extends beyond the clothes we wear. Our personal well-being is under assault as never before. The pandemic, climate change concerns, and the polarization of society are all taking their toll on us, creating opportunities for more authentic environmentally and socially conscious brands. Today’s consumers believe brands have a responsibility to help make the world a better place. Therefore, they want to support brands that care about them, the environment, and social justice. We agree, not because it’s popular, but because we believe we are responsible for being better. We partner with WRAP-certified manufacturers committed to ethical sourcing and manufacturing. We developed biodegradable pouches to hold our underwear, making them lighter to transport and easier on our landfills.
With the makings of a men’s movement, ALPHX seeks to create a community of like-minded men striving to become better versions of themselves, comfortable in their underwear, in their own skin, and doing our part to make the world a bit more comfortable for everyone.